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About Nutriworks

Nutriworks was officially launched in March 2000 in Hong Kong. Over the years, we have become one of the market leaders in Asia in the creation of natural, safe and effective supplements and external use health products. We are committed to providing our customers with "nutrition that works". All our products are continually lab tested to ensure safety and specified without any fillers that have no health value. This ensures the quality and potency of Nutriworks' supplements.

In addition to supplements, Nutriworks is the manufacturer of the very popular Patch-it! range of products. These are based on our Mandarin wood vinegar technology that is unique to us. The patch market has grown substantially in the last few years and Nutriworks is at the forefront of this technology providing a product that has been clinically tested. We continue to invest in research associated with our patches.

Nutriworks' product range will continue to grow over time as we identify and incorporate some of the latest technological breakthroughs in materials or ingredients.

Our product is now available in North America, Europe, the Middle-East, East and South East Asia. We have also established bases in United Kingdom and Singapore as part of our international expansion. We welcome any interest in the distribution of our range of products in any country.

Patch-It Series

The Patch-It Series consists of Circulation Patch-It, Detox Patch-It and Sleep Patch-It. These unique patches integrate a variety of concepts including Reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Aromatherapy into a modern, easy-to-use format. Just place one patch on the sole of each foot before sleep, remove in the morning and clean your feet!

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Where Can I Buy Patch-It Products?

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Detox Patch-it | Circulation Patch-it | Sleep Patch-it

detox patch it

Detox Patch-it

$6.45 NZD

The tried & tested original patch formula - supports your body's natural capability for removal of toxins through normal channels such as...

circulation patch it

Circulation Patch-it

$6.45 NZD

Clinically tested for tired, aching, heavy feet and legs - contains Menthol. This ingredient is well known to be beneficial for healthy...

sleep patch it

Sleep Patch-it

$6.45 NZD

Dermatologically tested for a soothing, relaxing, restful sleep. In addition to the key ingredients, a unique calming blend of certified organic essential...

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