FAQs: What About Mercury in Fish / Fish Oil?


Which is better, fish or fish oil?

Both fish and fish oil are great sources of omega-3. However, many people are increasingly avoiding fish due to growing concerns about environmental toxins in fish (such as mercury, dioxins, PCBs, etc.). Fish and raw fish oils contain environmental toxins like mercury that accumulate in a fish during its life span, but these toxins can be virtually eliminated using advanced distillation technologies.

So how do I avoid these toxins?

The general rule of thumb is to limit fish meals to no more than 3 per week (or two per week if consuming large species such as tuna, which contain more mercury than smaller species such as sardines). Certain species of fish (and unpurified fish oils) should not be consumed during pregnancy. (Click here to view which species of fish are high in mercury.)

As for fish oil, make sure it is a high quality purified oil (ask the supplier for third party testing to be sure). IFOS is also a great website to easily view and compare the purity levels of different fish oil brands.

Nordic Naturals fish oils are molecularly distilled, utilising a patented enzymatic process that removes any potential environmental toxins. Third party testing documents the absence of PCBs, heavy metals, and dioxins in Nordic Naturals’ oils, and Certificates of Analysis are available upon request. Nordic Naturals’ policy is to test competing products on an ongoing basis to monitor the overall quality level of the fish oil industry, and has never found a competing product to match their freshness and purity levels

Important things to look for in a fish oil:

  1. Ensure it is third-party tested to surpass international standards for purity and freshness
  2. Opt for one that comes in the triglyceride molecular form for optimal absorption
  3. Look for a fish oil that has great taste and is easy to take
  4. Consider the brand’s environmental sustainability with regards to ethical fishing practices

The Boat to Bottle Difference!


Nordic Naturals have produced a short documentary which takes you behind the scenes to see how they source and produce their award-winning fish oil.

>> Click here to watch!


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