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    Enzymes - The Cutting Edge tour

    Don't miss Tom Bohager, founder of Enzymedica as he offers cutting-edge insight into the critical role enzymes play in our overall health and wellness and their multiple therapeutic uses. Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington & Christchurch 13-16 October.  

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Enzymedica: Enzymes The Cutting Edge tour with Tom Bohager - Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch 13 -16 October

  • That enzymes can play a critical role in health and wellness
  • That there is a strong connection between food intolerance & enzyme defences
  • That they can play a role in the treatment of autism
  • That enzymes go beyond digestion & have therapeutic use
  • That you may not be absorbing all the nutrients from your multivitamins without the support of enzymes

Download flyer and register here to join Tom, founder of Enzymedica, on his tour around New Zealand

Join Tom Bohager from Enzymedica as he answers these questions & many more!

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